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The Hairy Lemon


Good Friday 2012: I broke my two-year running tradition of attending The Journey‘s hallowed Good Friday service followed by margaritas at Pueblo Solis with my parents.  I missed it.  I miss them!

But sometimes, kids, life takes you to Africa.  (I have been watching way too much How I Met Your Mother, so forgive the omniscient, backwards-looking Bob Saget voiceover.)

Good Friday a group of us took a matatu a couple hours outside of Kampala to the banks of the Nile River.  I had the immense pleasure of getting to hold a baby on my lap for our journey.  His mother handed him to me as she was climbing in with her two children.  BABY!  He was wearing a sweet silk suit and immediately fell asleep on me.  Well, melt my heart.

We took a few bodas from the village to the banks of the Nile.   There were pigs

and a bell to alert the Hairy Lemon staff

on the island

that we need a pick up…

via canoe!

The Hairy Lemon is a small island with cabins, tents and a patio with simple bar and buffet.  It was peaceful and relaxing.  The Hairy Lemon provided tents and food–much easier camping!

We waded in the Nile

played games

walked around the small island

read books in hammocks

sang songs with a guitar.

Then it rained ALL NIGHT– and we are talking African rains– but my tent was not like The Green Monster of college camping trips.  Nary a drop of rain entered my tent.  I stayed cozy listening to the pelting rain and rolling thunder.  On an island.  In the Nile River.

Thank you, Hairy Lemon!  And thank you, Charity Queen for this drawing!  (You may need to click on it to get it to show…)