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Sharing my rare email updates

Hello friends and family!
If you are keeping track, you may remember that today I am supposed be back at home in the US of A again…
But–I am still in Uganda!  What happened?!?
As my fellowship time was running out with many things still in progress, I was asked by IJM to extend my time in Uganda.  I ended up accepting a two month contract extension to finish my work and support our baseline study.  I will finish writing a few detailed memos of how to implement the next five years of our structural transformation project.  I will introduce other staff to the people I have developed trust and relationships with and pass on my duties and plans.
We are also conducting a baseline evaluation right now to measure the performance of the public justice system before our project begins.  In five years we will measure again to see if our project produced our desired impact to lower property grabbing and increase public justice system performance.  I am guiding the researchers through the police and court file reviews.
My friends, it has been an incredible year.  I know it sounds cliche, but it’s impossible to summarize.  I have learned SO much, grown professionally, personally and spiritually, gained much experience, met beautiful people, and I hope and pray have made some lasting impacts to serve the widow and the orphan in Uganda.  It is our vision that one day widows and orphans do not have to live in fear that their land and livlihood will be taken from them.  We hope that the public justice system will be strengthened to protect its citizens.
If you haven’t, please watch this video of Grace’s story.  Grace is one of over 500 clients that we have rescued and returned to their rightful property since 2008.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RohCIHXBZxY
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support– with emails, care packages, financial support, skype dates, phone calls and prayer.  I am so thankful for each one of you and the unique way that you have shown your love to me in the past year.  Thank you for putting up with me following my dream to serve with International Justice Mission in the field.  It has been a humbling honor.  And it is not over yet!
I do look forward to returning to you in less than two months now.  It will be a very happy Thanksgiving!
You can be praying that I finish my work well.  That I will discern what is next for me.  For the big, impossible goals that the IJM-Uganda office has set to accomplish structural transformation, victim relief and perpetrator accountability.  For our new office opening in post-conflict Gulu.  For the one in three women and children who are victims of property grabbing after the death of a head of household in Sub-Sarharan Africa.  For the thousands in desperate situations of abuse and oppression around the world waiting for rescue.
Love you all,