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Digital Reunion


Last night before my bed and in their mid-day my “BFF” group met on a google hangout.  We are now spread between Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Uganda.

As to be expected it seems a majority of our time was spent battling technological glitches and trying to correct “Wait, I can’t hear you right now” problems.  But we got to see each other and get brief life summaries.


We usually block out two weekends a year for “BFF Weekend” — a time of randomness and restoration in our crazy busy lives.  We call ourselves The Cedars of Lebanon.  Strong and firmly rooted.  And tall — I am the shortest of our gorgeous gang!

And even our cedar sappling made an appearance.  I miss my amazing girl, Ellie, soooo much.  Aunt Nattie loves you and will see you promptly in October when her feet hit American soil!


Taxi Friends and Stir Fry


My dear friend, roommate and coworker, Mary, has committed to updating her blog daily for Lent. I am inspired by her example. Here we go, let’s see what comes out!

Yesterday I had a new friend named Charity over to the apartment for dinner. I met Charity before Christmas while we were waiting at a taxi stage (taxis are public transportation–like mini vans packed with strangers–and sometimes animals). We were one of the thousands that had just attended Watoto Church’s incredible, multimedia, dancing-singing-acting extravaganza known as their annual Christmas Cantata.

After saying goodbye to my friends who had caught taxis in the opposite direction, I had crossed the street (easily the most dangerous part of any day).  I was waiting around under a street light with a few hundred others straining to hear a familiar word from racing taxi conductors leaning out of the side of the van mumbling their destination.

A young professional girl asked casually where I was trying to go, as I was trying to appear confident and comfortable (probably failing). We discovered we were waiting for the same taxi!

When we heard the conductor yell our neighborhood, we piled into the back of the van and chatted until my apartment approached and I was frantically yelling “MASAU!” (which is what you say to get the driver to stop the van.)  Charity and I exchanged contact information as I was climbing over people toward the door.

So that is how I met my new friend, Charity. She has been upcountry visiting her parents in the village so we did not get to hang out until last night. It was worth it–we had a great time getting to know each other and sharing about our lives and faith and worries.

I made a stir fry of green beans, red onions, garlic, tomato, carrot and stripped beef. Stir fries are awesome here due to the constant abundance of fresh vegetables. Just douse with soy sauce. YUM. Charity hadn’t heard of a stir fry before, but I think she’s a believer now.