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I just spent some of my precious internet time unsubscribing from “rubbish”, as my English roommate, Ruth, would say.

After just a few days out of internet world (on retreat–I will usually be in better communication–promise!!!) I had to wade through a ridiculous amount of junk mail just to get to the real stuff from my loved ones.

So, goodbye Old Navy, Regal Theaters, Gap, Walgreens, Wherenberg Theaters, Southwest, American Airlines, Cheapflights, D’s Yoga Home (can’t believe I wasted those Groupons!!!!), St. Louis Arts Alliance, Professionals in DC, Macaroni Grill, Express…

It never seemed like that much when I was checking email dozens of times a day. But it is. Goodbye clutter! Hello, Simplicity!

(Also, hello tiny basic cell phone.  I like you.)

I may take the plunge and archive all 4500 emails in my inbox, as Margaret and Warren encouraged me to do. Then commit to be better about labeling and archiving as I take care of emails and reply.

Sorry, not the post you wanted, I’m sure. I just wanted to share my cleansing of the inbox with you all.

How do you manage your inbox?

More to come–I will write offline to save my internet balance.  The adventure is wonderful so far.

xoxo from Uganda,