Trivial Pursuits


Every Thursday night my big boss/Field Office Director and his wife have all the interns and fellows over to their house for dinner.  It’s a lovely slice of Americana: eat some tasty home cooking, run around with his three kiddos and play board games.

This Thursday we celebrated his youngest son’s fourth birthday.  We decided to make this a Super Hero party and donned capes and made masks.  I was the Green Lantern, if you were wondering.  (I’ll try to get my hands on some pictures).

After dinner we headed to our favorite (only??) Irish pub in Kampala for their monthly TRIVIA NIGHT!  And yes, we continued wearing our super hero masks.  And yes, our team name was Justice League.  (“Seek Justice!”)

Alas, we came in 6th place out of 10 teams (and we’re so brilliant, I don’t understand).  Rounds included Current Events, Whitney Houston facts and Arnold Schwartzenegger movies.

I was able to answer a few questions like confirming Ghana on the map for African geography round, recognizing “Someday” by The Strokes and guessing the album was released in 2001 thanks to my freshman year roommate Alexis Price!, and knowing that it takes 3 months for a water droplet to move from the Source in Jinja, Uganda all the way up to Egypt.

Well, if wearing super hero masks to a trivia night at an Irish bar in East Africa isn’t on your bucket list… it should be.  Come visit me to check it off!


About nataliemma

This blog [infrequently] documented my work as a structural transformation design fellow with International Justice Mission's Uganda field office. I spent two months researching in Washington DC before deploying to Uganda to design structural recommendations in line with IJM's mission of providing improved access to and distribution of justice to the world's global poor through local public justice systems. I'm a Mizzou grad, St. Louis native, and MBA with five years of operations experience in finance.

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