The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.


Saturday morning a couple friends and I ventured to Town on a mission: Fabric Shopping.

The printed fabric is bright and beautiful.  I couldn’t help but buy a few pieces… imagining rooms in a house I don’t yet own or dresses yet to be designed by a corner seamstress with treadle sewing machine.  It reminded me of my mom and the fun we could have.

Here is a picture of Emily amidst the colorful whirlwind.


Two friends flew home today… Emily to Seattle and Ruth to London.  Farewell, lovelies.


About nataliemma

This blog [infrequently] documented my work as a structural transformation design fellow with International Justice Mission's Uganda field office. I spent two months researching in Washington DC before deploying to Uganda to design structural recommendations in line with IJM's mission of providing improved access to and distribution of justice to the world's global poor through local public justice systems. I'm a Mizzou grad, St. Louis native, and MBA with five years of operations experience in finance.

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